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It is completely freed from alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol and all other toxic excipients and fillers. 75% of the Cats that were part of this study had no longer shown the presence of the Feline Herpes Virus on the end of 84 days with the Use of CARNIVORA in this DOUBLE BLIND study. Study Title:”EFFECTS OF ADMINISTRATION OF CARNIVORA ON CLINICAL SIGNS IN CATS AFTER REPEAT CHALLENGE WITH FELINE HERPES VIRUS 1″Hormones are chemical compounds produced by an organ or cells of an organ in one part of your body, in case you eat foods or dietary supplements that contain these essential nutrients called phytosterols your body uses these food exam produce the hormones it calls for. This is exam help natural manner and there’s no artificial drug or complement that can mimic this method. This product contains no unsafe additives. It is suitable with human and animal blood and could not harm exam help single normal cell.